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Waterfall Photography - dealing with exposure and filters to capture waterfalls
17th March 2014 - 0 comments
Waterfall photography can be tricky but extremely rewarding once you have learnt the unique way in which waterfalls react to natural light. Waterfalls can and do react very differently to natural light and at different times of the day, they will also appear differently in different areas of the country due to the type of water and the amount of silt, the Lake District normally has crystal clear waters which are falling from the surrounding fells, the Peak District will often have thick brown water full of peat from the surrounding moorland.
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Sharpening photographs for display on the web with actions- my workflow
18th February 2014 - 0 comments
There is a common debate as to the best way to make sure your images are presented on the web in their best possible form. There are many ways to do this using a variety of editing software, what you need to remember when resizing for the web is that it will always be a compromise in some form - this blog post details my Photoshop work flow which I hope will be useful for others.
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River Coupall - from RAW file to finished image
03rd January 2014 - 0 comments
It is always an interesting discussion with another photographers regarding the differences in the digital RAW file which comes straight from the camera and the final processed, re-sized and polished version which will ultimately end up in the public domain on websites and in print. The discussion often centers around how touchy many photographers can be about their processing techniques and the amount of processing that has gone into the image to make the final presented image file.
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Photographing Christmas Lights and Festive Outdoor Christmas Scenes
22nd November 2013 - 1 comment
With the nights getting dark so early during December the opportunities for photography can be limited, especially if you are at work during the week. However December offers a few different chances to capture photographs of places that you would not normally think about shooting. With the Christmas light switch on seemingly happening earlier each year there is normally a good 6 week window to get out into the town or city centre and capture the beauty of the Christmas season in its full glory.
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Star Photography in the Peak District
09th November 2013 - 0 comments
On Thursday last week the weather forecast was looking positive showing clear skies and cool temperatures, I made the decision to head out into the Peak District after dark to try and capture the night sky. Star photography is not something I have tried many times in the past, I have captured a few longer exposure star trail shots but have not tried to capture a clear view of the sky with much shorter exposures.
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Understanding camera histograms and the importance of shooting to the right
18th September 2013 - 0 comments
The histogram is a tool in most DLSR cameras and photo editing software which at a basic level shows you a graph of the range on tones throughout your photograph. The term 'Shooting to the right' gets thrown around photography forums usually without any kind of information or guidelines showing what this actually is and why it is such a useful thing to know. The technique of shooting to the right is incredibly useful when you are hoping to get the absolutely best quality in the RAW file
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Graduated Filters for Landscape Photography
07th August 2013 - 0 comments
I often get asked how I manage to capture such a range of brightness values in my photographs, most people assume that they have been ‘photoshopped’ or fed through a HDR program such as Photomatix. People tell me that they have tried landscape photography at sunset and dawn and have always found that they either have blown out skies and detail in the foreground or a well exposed sky and a foreground deep in the shadows.
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